Property Management

Choosing an agent to manage your asset can be a difficult decision. After all, your property is valuable and it's crucial that you entrust it to someone that will truly look after it, like you would. Before choosing any company, we recommend reading past client reviews, do a google search for ours or visit our testimonial page. 

Our comprehensive range of property management services will help you:

  • Protect your property
  • Maximise returns
  • Manage risks associated with property management
  • Achieve your investment strategy

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Tenant Vetting

We are committed to finding you the right tenant. During the application process, tenants are required to provide previous rental history, employment details, personal referees and 100 points of identification. We use this information to complete a thorough tenant vetting process. This includes a contacting previous Property Managers for rental references, a Tica search (to verify their previous rental history ensuring they haven’t been blacklisted by any previous agent), employment reference checks and a minimum of one personal reference.  


Entry & Exit Reports

Prior to the approved tenants moving in, a thorough entry condition report will be conducted. This process is vital to ensure that the property is returned to you at the end of the tenancy in the same condition. At the end of a tenancy, we complete an exit report to identify any areas that require attention from the tenants before releasing their bond. In the event that there is an issue that the tenant needs to resolve, we will work closely with them to ensure that this occurs in a timely matter and to the standard expected. If not, we will advise you of the options to rectify this using the tenant’s bond.


Property Inspections

We treat your investment property as if it was our own. We know that you want to know how things are going and make sure your place is being looked after. As a standard, we view your property every 3 months. This inspection is summarised in a detailed report for you with photos, where relevant. During our property inspections, we pay particular attention to the tenant’s up-keep of the property including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, walls and ensuring that it is kept clean and clutter-free. We also look for issues that may require maintenance and will provide you with guidance on what is required now verse things that may require attention in the medium term.


Strict Arrears Policy

Should a tenant fall behind in their payments by 3 days, we will give them a call to discuss and remind them to make a payment asap. Should this reach 7 days in arrears, a breach notice will be issued giving them 7 days to rectify. Failing the rectification, a notice to leave will be issued. You will always be informed if the tenant falls behind and we will keep you updated with our discussions with the tenant. 


Owner’s Portal

You will be given access to an online portal where you will have 24 hr access to:

  • The current financial status of your properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • Any scanned property documents
  • Photos and details for the property and tenancy
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections

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