Opening Day!

Opening Day!

Opening Day!

What an amazing day! Firstly, being able to officially open the door to our new office was such an awesome feeling. Secondly, the world of opportunity that this stage of our business presents is both exciting and terrifying. Opening a real estate agency in what is quite a saturated market is somewhat of a daunting experience. However passion, dedication and persistence is something that we have in spades. 

The challenge that is before us is something that we are excited to embrace with arms open. The Brisbane Real Estate Market is growing and we aren't the type of team to do things the conventional way. Expect to see things a little out of the ordinary from us. 

Our service, our branding, and our methods of advertising will be unconventional and to some a little strange at times but it will capture your attention and get the conversation started. 

We love to have a chat so do feel free to pop by the office for a coffee and a biscuit. If you are lucky, Nick may have also whipped up a yummy banana bread to go with that tea.

Our office isn't a stuffy or pretentious real estate agency. It's a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere where you can feel at ease. Whether you are considering who is best to take care of your asset by managing or selling your property or whether you are making a big decision about buying or renting property.... We want you to feel comfortable and at ease. After all this is your haven....

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